What is gendered marketing?

Gender marketing is generally a marketing strategy based on the gender of the target audience. Gender marketing bases its policy essentially on the male or female gender of its target…

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How was the #metoo movement born?

The hashtag #Metoo spread quickly on social networks, in the press, and in everyday life. In this article, you will discover what triggered the #metoo movement, the issues at stake,…

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What is manterrupting?

Manterrupting refers to situations where a man interrupts a woman in her speech. There are many instances of this and a woman must be able to assert herself if she…

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Who is Vandana Shiva, the 1993 alternative Nobel Prize winner?

Vandana Shiva is a distinguished feminist in her fight for the protection of nature. In her environmental battle, she has warned of the dangers facing our planet. She is also…

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