What is gendered marketing?

Gender marketing is generally a marketing strategy based on the gender of the target audience. Gender marketing bases its policy essentially on the male or female gender of its target audience, especially in advertising. This element defines the price, the product or the communication according to the gender of the final customers.

Gender marketing: definition

By definition, gender marketing is a business practice that consists of appropriating sales methods according to the gender of the target audience. Most often, marketing professionals refer to the notion of sexed marketing or gender marketing. In its application, this marketing technique is based mainly on differences in the functionalities of a given product, the advertising message, the packaging, as well as the price. In some cases, it can justify a marketing action with a gendered approach that segments women from men. However, this type of marketing has flaws such as the different treatment of genders, the reinforcement of gender stereotypes, etc.

How does gender marketing work?

Gender marketing dissociates male and female products. In fact, this technique aims to introduce all the differences in the behavior of women and men in the design, sale, and advertising of products. From this point of view, the marketing mix involves the 7P's which are: physical evidence, process policy, and also personnel policy, communication policy, cost policy, distribution policy, and product policy. The elements about personnel, advertising, marketing, and product are very interesting regarding gender marketing. These fields are relevant to the preferences and needs of women and men. They should be taken into consideration when promoting what you have to offer in the context of gender marketing.

Why opt for gender marketing?

Gender marketing represents a marketing approach implemented to avoid tarnishing the image and popularity of a brand. In fact, this type of marketing presents significant advantages for companies. Segmenting prospects according to their gender is a precise and tangible screening. By using the normative dimension, the gender marketing technique offers male and female targets the products that correspond exactly to their needs. Thus, effective and successful gender marketing increases the marketability of a service or good specifically designed for a defined audience.

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