What is manterrupting?

Published on : 13 June 20223 min reading time
Manterrupting refers to situations where a man interrupts a woman in her speech. There are many instances of this and a woman must be able to assert herself if she encounters a manterrupting situation.

The meaning of the word manterrupting

The word manterrupting comes from the combination of the two English words, man and interrupt. The meaning of this word can then be translated as hommeterruption or mecterruption. Generally, this term is used when a man breaks off a woman’s talk in a discussion or debate.

This is a very common occurrence and the origin of the term is that the man interrupts the woman’s speech because of her gender. This behavior can be considered sexism and can also reveal male domination.

Types of manterrupting cases

The cases are numerous and the place where manterrupting exists the most is in professional environments. Indeed, in meetings where the woman presents her topic, in the middle of the explanation, a colleague suddenly cuts the floor. In the same way, when trying to speak again, this colleague has the behavior of manterrupting and will always cut off the woman’s speech. In TV shows, we can also distinguish many cases of manterrupting. For example, on social networks during the filming of on n’est pas couché (we haven’t slept) with Marlène Schiappa, the comedian Jean-Claude Van Damme interrupts the Secretary of State in her momentum.

Tips to make yourself heard

Cases of manterrupting are numerous. If a woman wants to be heard, she will have to assert herself and not let herself be overruled. To begin with, during a meeting or other situation in the professional field, when a man cuts you off, you must take all your audience back by pointing out the individual. The woman can then point to him and say, “You interrupted me so I’m going to take back what I wanted to say.

For shy women, they can leave the floor until the person who cut them off finishes. In this way, the woman will not take the same attitude that the man is accused of. However, when you have finished speaking, you must point out his behavior. For a colleague who wants to impose himself on your field, as a woman, you must show your expertise and especially not let yourself be dominated. In addition, you must make sure that you always take the floor by asserting your functions and expertise without making any reference to gender.

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