Why is the Amazon so important for the eco-system?

The Amazon forest covers an area of more than 1.2 million km2. It is part of the largest tropical forest on the planet. It is also one of the richest ecosystems on the earth. It plays an essential role in regulating the world's climate and provides vital habitat for thousands of species of plants and animals. There are many ways to help preserve this vital ecosystem!

The Amazon: a forest to preserve flora and fauna

The Amazon rainforest contains trees up to 300 meters tall and a large number of different animal species. The trees and other plants of the Amazon rainforest use an enormous amount of water. In fact, the trees of the Amazon account for 30% of the world's total water consumption. The trees of the Amazon rainforest have a great influence on the level of rainfall in the region and their leaves help trap clouds. This planet's largest rainforest is home to about 20% of all the wildlife in the world. The Amazon also helps provide food for many different animal species.

The Amazon: a forest to prevent global warming

The Amazon rainforest is so important to the environment because it helps regulate the climate. It in turn regulates the amount of heat that is released into the atmosphere. It is part of an incredibly important ecosystem for the planet and its trees consume a lot of water. The Amazon rainforest also helps prevent catastrophic global warming by absorbing over 20% of human CO2 emissions. The importance of the Amazon rainforest to humanity is clear. In fact, it is also of vital importance to the long-term survival of our planet.

How can we preserve the Amazon rainforest?

Deforestation and forest restoration remain the most important environmental issues on the horizon. Deforestation has a significant negative effect on the environment and the people who live near the forest. Deforestation damages the biodiversity of the forest and increases the intensity and severity of natural disasters. The Amazon is the most endangered rainforest on the planet and is shrinking at an alarming rate. There are several ways to preserve the Amazon. One way is to increase regulation of the timber industry. Another way is to raise awareness of the importance of the Amazon rainforest. Cleaning up the environment after logging operations is yet one more way.

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