What is the role of a goodwill ambassador?

Goodwill Ambassador is a generic term that is used as an honorary title. It refers to people, most often celebrities, who lend their reputations in a gracious capacity. This mission has become the focus of great attention for many people. It seems that everyone wants to follow in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie who is a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador.

Overview of the Role of a Goodwill Ambassador

A Goodwill Ambassador is primarily a person who uses his or her reputation for nonprofit purposes. This means that they are not paid a salary, but the costs associated with this title may be covered. They usually work for governmental or non-governmental organizations to promote a particular program using their reputation. As a result, the ambassador is brought in to participate in various operations that target the public. This representative is therefore mobilized for fundraising and field visits to ensure media coverage. This being the case, an ambassador is an official part of the government to dialogue or present a program. In general, celebrities, scientists, authors, well-known activists, and other high-profile figures can act as goodwill ambassadors.

What are the missions of these ambassadors?

Goodwill missions can be varied. In any case, they are supervised by heads of state, although they do not require diplomatic accreditation. It is true that some states issue powers that the ambassador can use, namely diplomatic protection. Moreover, they can be appointed as special emissaries. In this sense, the role of the ambassador is not limited to representation. It can also extend to negotiation or project management. The UN has a large number of goodwill ambassadors that it mobilizes to reach a very wide audience. Among many others, there is Emma Watson, Shakira, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lopez, and Bill Clinton. In short, these goodwill ambassadors exist to defend women's rights and gender equality at the United Nations.

Why become a Goodwill Ambassador?

UN programs and other organizations that work for the general public rely on volunteer services to carry out their missions. This is where prominent individuals come in to advocate for goodwill. However, to become a goodwill ambassador, one must be a distinguished figure in order to effectively reach the public.

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