What are the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals in France?

There are 17 Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs for the year 2030. It is a program set up by the world organization of the United Nations to ensure sustainable development in all areas. The knowledge of the different themes and links in the concept is necessary to ensure the mobilization of the main actors. Numerous issues such as ensuring a realistic state of affairs, creating an appropriate dynamic, and promoting the concept of cooperation are required.

What is France's role in the 2030 SDGs?

The 2030 Sustainable Development Goals apply to France and to all countries of the world. For the coming years, each country must report annually to the United Nations on their progress on this project. France is one of the most committed countries to ensuring this sustainable development. Moreover, a roadmap was signed in Paris to affirm France's dedication. An admirable act to ensure coherence in the functioning of public policy. Actors such as civil society, parliamentarians, ministries and others are the main actors that bring together the developers of this program.

What are the Sustainable Development Goals for the year 2030?

The 2030 sustainable development goals fight against inequalities and discrimination in the world. For a sober society that lives with natural resources, it is important to respect diversity. The program also aims to ensure favorable training and education to ensure the evolution. It is essential to act for the well-being and health of all by opting for healthy food and agricultural production. The goal of the SDG in 2030 is to establish a world at peace and a global population in solidarity. You can find out more about the Sustainable Development Goals on specialized websites.

What are the sectors affected by the 2030 SDGs?

To ensure that the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals are successful, they are tracked by 232 indicators of which 98 have been selected. Each year, the head of state must give the progress of his country on the SDGs program: a high-level political forum to achieve the SDGs. The participants of the SDGs are informed by France of the targeted goals. The mobilization of actors participating in the process must elaborate the work needed to ensure development. In addition to the political assessment, the field of ecology is also affected by this sustainable development. To achieve these goals, it is essential to raise awareness about the program.

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