The most sexist laws in the world

In Belgium, France, and in many countries, laws are imposed so that women's rights can be equal to those of men. This is certainly not the case in other countries around the world. Indeed, each country has its own laws. And it is not uncommon to find one, which opts for sexist laws, which seem really absurd. Among these countries are Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Afghanistan.

Women cannot hold a bank account in Saudi Arabia

Without question, the status of women living in Saudi Arabia is really long-standing. Previously, Saudi women were given the right to vote. And since then, many new things have been brought in to help improve their conditions. Namely, the right to drive a car was recently attributed to them. In any case, it is important to remember that these women must always ask for the opinion of their male guardians before making a decision. This is the case when they wish to travel, leave their homes or find a job. It can be said that Saudi women are totally subjugated by their men, which means that there is no room for gender diversity. Therefore, they are not allowed to join public transport or enter restaurants where there are so many men. The worst part is that these women are not allowed to have a bank account.

Lace underwear is strongly discouraged in Russia

Despite the evolution of technology, some countries like Russia impose disturbing laws. Since the year 2014, women living in Russia are not allowed to wear lace underwear. For your information, this is a mistake since the Russian state wanted to prohibit only the sale of lingerie designed with less cotton as material. This is in order to avoid the deterioration of the health of consumers while preventing the proliferation of bacteria.

Makeup is banned in Afghanistan

Since the rise to power of the Taliban, the plight of women in Afghanistan is increasing more and more. Indeed, the laws imposed on Afghan women have become very serious. As the days go by, they are losing their rights. First of all, these women can't practice sports because of the fact that they can't wear specific types of clothes. Also, they are not allowed to wear makeup or put on heels.

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